The Cam-Act Part-Turn Pneumatic Actuator is designed to operate rotary valves such as Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves and Dampers and is available in both Double Acting and Spring Return versions.

Its unique ‘Cam’ design results in a high starting torque, ideal for unseating stuck valves.

With fewer moving and therefore less wearing parts, the Cam-Act Pneumatic actuator is most suitable for high cycling applications.

This locally designed and engineered Pneumatic Actuator exceeds the DTI’s 70% minimum threshold for Local content.


Unique Design – General Features And Benefits

  • The Cam-Act pneumatic actuator produces a high starting torque in both opening and closing directions, ideal for unseating stuck valves.
  • Switch box and positioner mounting on all sizes are according to Namur VDI/VDE 3845.
  • Valve mounting on all sizes are according to ISO 5211.
  • Standard angle of rotation is 90°.
  • Stainless steel output drive as standard with a female double square.
  • Permaglide™ bearings on top and bottom of shaft for smooth rotary movement.
  • The 90° rotation is produced by a solid stainless steel cam with zero wear resulting in a long life span.
  • Pistons are connected with spacer bars resulting in a pure linear movement therefore not requiring secondary wear pads.
  • Single directional pressure on the pistons allow the use of U-Seals on the piston, providing substantially higher sealing rate and longer life span.
  • Cam and output shaft compartment is pressure-less and therefore the output shaft is not subjected to possible blow-out.
  • Fewer pressure compartments require less sealing components.
  • Aluminium housing, end caps, pistons, spacer bars and mounting plates are anodised for corrosion resistance.
  • The drive shaft, cam, output drive and all fasteners are corrosion resistant stainless steel.
  • Air pressure operation from 2 to 10 Bar.
  • All actuators are permanently lubricated in the factory.
  • Additional corrosion protection and special coatings on request.
  • 100% of all actuators are factory pressure tested.

Top View

Ontop of Valve

Main Assembly


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