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JJ Smart Electric Valve Actuator Type J3C-S with Single Multi Voltage

Overview: 4 sizes with Maximum torques of 25Nm, 38Nm, 60Nm and 90Nm respectively, 24-240V Multi-voltage reversible IP67 modulating quarter turn smart electric actuator, control signal input/output, with manual override, heater, torque limiter, LED status light, external Din plug connection and dome visual indicator. Max ambient temp range -20 to +70C. ISO5211 and female star mounting.

Function: Continuous external power, movement controlled by DPS (Digital Positioning System) input control signal, typically 4-20mA or 0-10V. Output signal provided. Configurable to open, close, or freeze on loss of control signal. Stays put on loss of external power. Supplied with DPS system pre-installed and function tested.



  • 12V Conversion PCB kit
  • DPS Modulating function conversion kit to create failsafe modulating function.

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