Combinations with part-turn gearboxes with base and lever
If due to a lack of space, valves such as butterfly valves can only be operated via a lever arrangement.

For higher torque requirements, the multi-turn actuators SA can be combined with a part-turn gearbox with base and lever. The gearboxes are based on the worm gearboxes GS, which can be converted by mounting base and lever. Since this can also be done afterwards, this results in considerable advantages in stock-keeping.


Design features

  • Torque range up to 45,000 Nm
  • Operating time ranges for 90° from 17 s to 392 s

Ambient conditions

  • High enclosure protection
  • High quality corrosion protection
  • Wide ambient temperature ranges


  • Electrical connection via AUMA plug/socket connector (optionally terminals)
  • Cable entries in different versions


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