AUMA part-turn gearboxes are used for operating part-turn valves (e.g. butterfly valves, ball valves).

  • Type of duty:
    Short-time duty S2 – 15 min (open-close duty)
  • Operation modes:
    – Manual operation directly with handwheel
    – Motor operation (by electric multi-turn actuator)
  • Gearboxes are always provided with an input mounting flange
  • Clockwise rotation at input shaft results in clockwise rotation at output drive

Design features

  • Torque range from 21,000 Nm up to 84,000 Nm
  • Reduction ratios from 214:1 to 1784:1
  • With overload protection
  • Integrated primary reduction gearing
  • Swing angles up to 90° +/- 5°
  • End stops with setting screws
  • Output drives according to EN ISO 5211
  • Output drive flange integrated within the housing
  • 3 output drive flanges per gearbox size
  • All parts within the power drive hardened by thermal treatment
  • Powder coating


  • Clockwise and counterclockwise closing versions
  • Base and lever
  • 4 bores for pins

Ambient conditions

  • Enclosure protection IP67
  • – 40° up to +100°


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