All products supplied by AUMANAT are repaired in-house. In extreme cases the actuator is first sandblasted. All actuators are then stripped and each component is inspected for damage and/or wear and tested. Only original replacement parts, which carry a 1 year guarantee, are used. Seals, o-rings and bearings are replaced and the actuator is re-greased after which it is thoroughly tested and painted.
Our modernized test bench allows us to calibrate the torque output of the actuators including recording of motor current, speed of operation, feedback calibration and travel limitation. Test certificates are completed for each actuator and are kept on record.


It is a common request for our team to service our products on site. This is normally required when the turn-around time doesn’t permit for the actuators to be removed and taken back to our workshop. The on-site servicing consists of a visual inspection, replacement of all external seals, functional tests and re-setting of limit switches, if required. All external fasteners are checked and tightened where necessary. Service reports are done and kept on record. More extensive servicing is possible to the extent that the actuators are removed and calibrated on site on our mobile test rig.

Maintenance / inspection

Maintenance and unexpected down-time is always an inconvenience and in most cases a costly affair. For this AUMANAT can enter into a written agreement and offer a maintenance and inspection service which includes:

  • Scheduled service work
  • Replacement of predefined wear parts
  • Maintenance reports

The advantages to our clients are:

  • Regular & qualified maintenance and support
  • Work performed by qualified technicians
  • Reduction in unexpected down-time through early diagnoses
  • Defined scope of maintenance
  • Status analysis of all actuators
  • Fixed rates and spares pricing
  • Short reaction times

Retrofitting / Modernization

In some cases, plant automation requires a manually operated valve to be automated or a redundant actuator to be replaced. In this case a detailed plan is developed and retrofitting is carried out with little or no down-time. AUMANAT will design and fabricate a mounting bracket to suit the existing valve and in most cases does not require the valve to be modified in any way. Commissioning is then carried out by the same technicians. Client briefing and training follows to ensure you are familiar with the product. The advantages being, the implementation of modern technology and an extended installation lifespan.

Fitting & testing

Fitting of our actuators to free-issue valves is virtually part of our daily routine. Most valves are manufactured to ISO standards in which case our actuators are direct-mounted and may only need a coupling to be machined to suit the valve stem or shaft. In cases where the valve has no ISO mounting pad or where the PCD’s don’t match then we custom design and fabricate flanges / adaptors to suit. Each actuator is fitted to the valve and stroke checked with the end of travel limits set to suit the valve as well as the torque values set to correspond to those supplied by the valve manufacturer. Any special settings and programming is also done at this stage. This reduces the eventual commissioning time. No valve has ever been too big or too small nor has it been too complicated. Custom design is our forte.

Technical Support

For any questions relating to the product range, commissioning or modernization, AUMANAT are available to offer free support. Providing us with the products serial numbers, will assist us in identifying the product thus insuring that the advice given is accurate and decisive.


AUMANAT offer a 24 hour service, 7 days a week. Our trained service technicians are equipped with basic spares and are, in most cases, able to perform the repair on site

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