For highest requirements on functional safety (SIL) in compliance with IEC 61508 / IEC 61511, AUMA offer special actuator controls in AC.2-SIL version. They have been certified by TÜV with SA.2 / SAEx.2 multi-turn actuators in compliance with the latest (ed. 2) and most demanding edition of the IEC 61508 standard, and may be used up to SIL 2, in redundant systems (e.g. “1oo2”) up to SIL 3. Controls can be supplied with the safe functions commonly used with actuators. In addition, one of the two ESD functions (Safe OPENING/CLOSING) can be combined with the Safe STOP function. Different types of seating in end position can be selected for the ESD function.

Since AC.2-SIL/ACEx.2-SIL controls are based on AC.2/ACEx.2 controls while the safety function is implemented by means of an additional PCB, regular convenience, control and monitoring functions of the AC.2 / ACEx.2 controls can be used during normal operation.


Design features

  • Modular interface concept for remote control
  • Local controls with lockable selector switch, push-buttons and indication lights
  • LCD display for status indication and programming support
  • Non-intrusive actuator setting and control programming
    (in connection with magnetic limit and torque transmitter MWG)
  • Separate mounting on wall bracket possible
  • Motor control via reversing contactors or thyristors
  • Automatic phase correction
  • External 24 VDC supply (option)

Interfaces and features

  • Control inputs with different voltages (DC/AC)
  • Potential-free signal relays for status indication
  • Analogue control (0/4-20 mA)
  • Programmable stepping mode (for running time extension)
  • Freely definable intermediate positions
  • Process controller (PID)
  • Fieldbus control (Profibus DP/DPV1, Modbus RTU, Foundation Fieldbus, DeviceNet, HART, Wireless)
  • Fieldbus interface also available as component redundancy
  • Limit and torque as analogue Signal
    (in connection with magnetic limit and torque transmitter MWG)
  • Logging of operating data Bluetooth interface to Laptop or PDA (option )
  • Functional safety: Up to SIL 1 in selected configurations

Functional safety – SIL

  • TÜV certified in compliance with IEC 61508 ed. 2
  • To be used up to SIL 2, in redundant systems (e.g. “1oo2“) up to SIL 3
  • Safety functions: Safe OPENING (ESD), Safe CLOSING (ESD), Safe STOP OPEN and Safe STOP CLOSE as well as combinations of Safe STOP OPEN/CLOSE with one of the two ESD functions
  • Selectable seating types for safety operation: Forced limit seating in end position, forced limit seating with overload protection, forced torque seating, no seating during safety operation
  • Control of safety functions via wirebreak-proof (low active) 24 V DC inputs, redundant application for ESD function

Ambient conditions

  • High enclosure protection
  • High quality corrosion protection
  • Wide ambient temperature ranges


  • Electrical connection via AUMA plug/socket connector (optionally terminals)
  • Cable entries in different versions
  • FO connection for fieldbus Interfaces
  • HART


  • ATEX (Europe)
    Ex de IIC/IIB T4 or T3
    Ex d IIC/IIB T4 or T3
  • IEC (international level)
    Ex de IIC/IIB T4 or T3
    Ex d IIC/IIB T4 or T3
  • FM (USA)
    FM CLASS I DIV 1 GROUPS (B), C, D T4 (T3C)
    FM CLASS III DIV 1 T4 (T3)


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