AUMANAT recently supplied and commissioned 133 AUMA SAExC.2 Version actuators with ACExC.2 Non-intrusive controls with redundant Modbus RTU Interface to automate various valves at Engen Petroleum Limited’s Island View B (IVB) and Island View C (IVC) sites.

The installation of the multiproduct pipeline that transfers diesel, jet fuel and unleaded petrol to Johannesburg required Engen to modify its product transfer infrastructure. This included the installation of new transfer pumps at IVB and IVC sites which will handle five product grades and transfer them between five sites i.e. Transnet, Berths, IVB, IVC and Engen Refinery. The nature of the project also required storage tanks to be modified, control buildings to be revamped and substations to be constructed to meet plant power requirements. Each substation now incorporates a new equipment room for the monitoring and control of the respective sites.

The majority of the plant control equipment is interfaced via Modbus communications. This included the AUMA actuators. For this complex network, AUMA designed a ‘first of its kind’ line redundant Modbus RTU network using the SIMA Master Station and repeaters. Both IVB and IVC sites are located approximately 2km’s from each other and each with its own equipment room, resulted in each site having a SIMA Master Station. The emergency valve actuators (EMV’s) were supplied with a SIL 2 Safety Integrity Level as well as with BilcoFlex™ Passive Fire Protection jackets, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1100 degrees Celsius for up to 30 minutes (according to UL1709) from a hydrocarbon fire.

The general hazardous classification for the plant is hazardous Zone 1 or 2, Gas Group IIA, T3 and for this ‘Ex d’ actuators were supplied.

The installation and commissioning of the SIMA Master Station, the AUMA actuators and the BilcoFlex™ PFP Jackets was carried out by AUMANAT’s staff who will also be responsible for ongoing maintenance.

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